The Works of Melissa Danko


I’m only 5 feet and 2 inches tall, so naturally I have to reach for a lot of things.  Mugs on the highest shelf of the kitchen cabinet, that adorable shirt hanging on the highest clothing rack.  But I’m always reaching, regardless of my height.  I’m always pushing myself to do better and to be better, and I have made a lot of discoveries about myself this way.  Sometimes things seem out of reach—getting an A on a physics exam or playing Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata—but when I power through my doubts I realize that I am capable.  Reaching for what seems impossible allows me to end up farther than I ever would have if I had settled for good enough.

Writing allows me to reach beyond what I thought I could do.  When I found out that the University of Michigan Sweetland Center for Writing offered a Minor in Writing, I knew immediately that I had to do it.  You can always say more, develop more, create more.  This collection of my writing reflects these thoughts.  Within this e-portfolio you’ll find pieces from the Sweetland Minor in Writing gateway course, as well as other writing that came before it.

Clicking on the tabs in the upper right corner will lead you through my e-portfolio.  Each piece of writing is accompanied by its drafts as well as my reflection on the piece itself and the process of completing it.

  • The “About” tab will introduce a little about me.
  • The tabs entitled “Why I Write,” “Repurposed,” and “Remediated” represent the three projects completed for the gateway course.
  • The remaining tabs take you to academic writing I’ve done in other classes leading up to the gateway course as well as my entries on our Minor in Writing course blog.

Please enjoy getting to know me and my writing!


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